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Mobile app development involves several stages of work. We can help you jumpstart much of these, and let you focus on project implementation.

Business Analytics

Before starting out on a project, we will work with you or your representatives in carrying a comprehensive analysis and projection on your business or business idea. We will carefully analyze the market, customers’ behaviours, and competition. We also try to identify the strengths and needs of your service / product. If you’ve already done these, we study your findings, interrogate, correct and supplement it where necessary. Once the business model is approved, we proceed to incubating and designing the project.

UX/UI Design

We deeply consider your target market and the prospective users so as to ascertain that we create exciting aesthetics, superb usability and amazing interface for your app. We do everything to ensure it is perfectly compatible with all kinds of mobile devices.

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Coding and software development are core specialisations of the Mirsoft team. When creating websites, we factor in mobile compatibility much as we focus on desktop platforms since mobile versions of websites and applications have become far more popular and far more widely used than their desktop versions. At Mirsoft, we develop superb mobile applications on popular iOS and Android platforms. In executing the programming and app development (depending on the task), we use such popular programming languages as Java, Pyton, Perl, Swift and others.

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Testing/Quality Check

Before launch, we put our products through several stages of verification and quality check. We run a test launch of every mobile application so as to ascertain the usability of each installed functionality, the administrative panel as well as the servers. At this stage, we check for and resolve any likely technical issues, analyze feedback from pilot users, and tweak where necessary in order to deliver a superb, ready-to-run application.

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Starting the product

Mobile applications built by Mirsoft are more than just quality products, we create intelligent, digital business solutions that help brands thrive while helping users accomplish everyday tasks or meet basic needs (such as hailing a taxi, selling/buying/renting an apartment, searching for skilled workers, and so on). For us, it is crucial that our products work optimally for you. As such, we concentrate all our expertise and acquired experience on the implementation of the application, and mainstreaming it within your target market.

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Let's work together

Regardless of the phase you are in your digital solutions project (whether you are still incubating your ideas, planning, design, programming, piloting, or you are about running post-launch campaign and mainstreaming), you can have us come in so as to work together for mutual business success.

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